Time to RESET


With so many irons in the fire, we realized recently that we needed to take a bit of a break from some of our projects and responsibilities. Can you relate? 

While we used the month of July to REST & RESET, we spent a lot of time thinking about you, and wondering if you (like us) could use a RESET, as well.

In that spirit, we want to share with you a new, free resource that we've created for you.

We'd like to invite you to take a journey with us for a 21 day Marriage RESET Devotional. This is a tool that we've created to help you spend a few moments of intentional thought each day for 21 days, in a quest for a stronger connection within your marriage.

So how does it work? Click HERE to sign up. Then open the emails that you receive for the next 21 days. The messages have been created to give you bite-sized pieces of motivation each morning to strengthen your marriage. Join us! ... And PLEASE SHARE!


With Love,

The Houstons

*By the way, In case you're wondering, yes, that's our Christian Grace, lol. Oh the drama...