Film Summary & Intention

This short film takes the viewer to the modest beginnings of an emerging global leader. From a trailer park in a small, rural town, we’re taken into the world of a young girl whose life was filled with abuse, abandonment, and trauma. This vulnerable piece gives a behind the scenes, in-depth look behind the curtain to provide inspiration to young women who are currently facing challenging obstacles. And to help women dig within to find healing and peace with their own journey.


Facing the past head-on to ensure healing and properly position yourself for your purpose. Example through sharing – overcome your obstacles, too It doesn’t matter where you start. It was important for me to produce this project for the young woman who feels trapped by her current circumstances. I wanted to open my life as an example that where you begin does not have to limit the woman you become. I also completed this project for women that have a similar story... they’ve overcome early barriers and have now emerged. But maybe they still carry hurt and shame from their past. My hope is that by sharing my story, they feel empowered to find peace with theirs, as well.


Dr. Eardie Houston is an international speaker, author, filmmaker, and servant who is passionate about supporting and encouraging women to stretch beyond their perceived limitations and reach for excellence in their various roles in life. Raised in a trailer park and once considered trailer trash, she’s a living example of how God can shatter stereotypes and lowered expectations, and use the unexpected to make a mighty impact on the world. Eardie’s journey includes overcoming poverty, abuse, and abandonment through faith, education, and determination, to become a woman that passionately pursues her purpose and lifts others as she climbs. With humility and grace, Eardie also serves alongside her husband, Dr. Terence Houston, affecting lives globally, through marriage enrichment and global medical missions. Eardie earned her Doctor of Pharmacy from Florida A&M University, and completed her post-doctoral studies at Rutgers University. She has had a successful corporate career in the pharmaceutical industry for over a decade. Eardie is married to her college sweetheart, and together they parent three brilliantly gifted and amusing children.