It's Time for YOU to Graduate!

Christian Graduate.jpg

We just experienced an important milestone in our family, and it’s really made us think…

Our Christian Grace graduated from Kindergarten! **My Baby!!** As we witnessed her pride at moving on to the next level in her education, it sparked a conversation between the two of us regarding the areas that we’re growing in and the areas where we remain stalled.

It’s a great exercise... To assess where you are in relation to the goals that you’ve set for yourself. We have a lot of these conversations. It’s one of the ways we spend our 100 minutes together each week. While we’re making tons of progress in some areas, there are others where we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. It’s time to rise.

So what about you? How are you progressing? In your marriage? In your parenting goals? Your personal goals? You have tons of tools and resources as your disposal. What are you doing with them? Are you implementing what you’re learning? What progress have you seen since this time last year? Perhaps it’s time for YOU to GRADUATE to that next level.

We want to encourage you to be intentional about reaching for the growth that you desire. You have access to the tools you need. You must also have the fortitude to utilize them and choose to rise to that next level.