Someone is Waiting

I’ve shared my story previously about my early life and the challenges I’ve overcome. (See documentary HERE.) During that season of life, I was blessed with a few people that came alongside me to help propel me in the right direction. One of those people was my high school Government/Civics teacher, who became my first mentor.

Emanuel Frazier was one of those types of teachers (now Principal) that all of the students claim as their favorite. In his case, it was because of his tendency to teach his students life skills in addition to the coursework. I have very vivid memories of him spending time teaching us how to think through potential consequences before making decisions or sharing stories of his background to give us a model of how to overcome personal challenges in our own lives. I can even remember him using his “lunch break” to help us with our financial aid applications as we prepared for college, in an area where many of us were heading off into the unknown as first-generation college students.

In short, he cared. And he planted the seeds for much of the work that I do now… using my past experiences, lessons, traumas, and victories to serve and lift others. I sometimes think about what may have happened to me had he not been on assignment in that small rural town in southwest Georgia all of those years ago. For me, his presence in my life during that difficult season was life changing. For him, the genuine love and support was so natural that he had no idea what a difference he was making.

Sometimes we have no idea of the impact that we’re making in the lives of others when we pour out from a genuine place of love and support. He reminds me of the importance of walking in purpose. And how others are impacted when we’re aligned with our assignment, and how they may be missing out if we’re not.

These aren’t always the pressing thoughts when we may be struggling with a part of our process that may seem too difficult. Or when distractions and detours come along and threaten to derail us on our journey. But someone is waiting for us. Someone needs what you have to offer, in the way that only you can offer it. They need your voice. Your tone. Your quirks. Your expertise. Your flaws. You. In the way that only you can show up. 

So just in case you’re in the midst of pressing through challenges to accomplish a dream in your heart. Keep in mind, that it’s in your heart for a reason. Perhaps it’s not just for you. But for that other person that you’re supposed to serve. Let this serve as your reminder and encouragement to keep going. They’re waiting for you.