Don't Labor Too Much...

Back to School.jpg

Welp! Summer vacation is ending. It’s that time of year when our social media timeline is flooded with back-to-school pics, moving into dormitory pics, teachers preparing their classroom pics…

In our home, we’ve spent the past few weeks trying to get the kids (and ourselves) out of summer mode and prepared for the new school year. We’re also preparing ourselves to take on another season of sports and extra-curricular activities. We were chatting recently, though, and realized that this season presents increased activity in several areas of our lives: back to school, new ministry season, increased travel season at work… It can be overwhelming if we’re not careful. And intentional.

Even though this fall season may present you with many opportunities to be “all over the place”, we want to encourage you to be intentional about keeping your family (and your schedule) balanced, and to not allow all the activity of the new season crowd out those things that are of highest priority.

For marriages, make sure you’re staying connected via dates and intentional conversation. (See ideas HERE.)

For family life, make sure you’re aiming for family meals and development of at least one routine that will allow meaningful connection each day, no matter how brief.

It all adds up over time. And you’ll find that those investments will pay huge dividends in the long run.

With Love,

The Houstons