"... Make me have better choices..."

That’s what an 8 year old boy recently said about our new book series, “Adventures of David & Joshua” after reading through each of the books. His mom says he’s been reading them over and over, and finds them to be encouraging and relatable.


It’s very difficult to express how meaningful this feedback (and others that we’ve received) is to us. This is EXACTLY why we wrote the books in the first place! This project has been quite the journey for us. And needless to say, much of it was not easy. But we’re so glad now that we pushed through the obstacles to create something that is inspiring and encouraging families all over the country.


Sometimes we are faced with challenges that can seem overwhelming. Whether it’s writing a book, working through challenges in your marriage, parenting alone, going back to school… Whatever your challenge is, please trust that there’s something beautiful on the other side of that obstacle. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Each step you take is moving you closer to your promise, your vision, your desires being manifest.


3 things to remember when faced with challenges that may seem overwhelming:

1.     Remember your “WHY”. Focusing on the reason why you seek to do that “thing” in the first place helps you focus less on your present difficulty, and more on the bigger picture.

2.     Keep doing the things that you know to do. Sometimes, we can feel so overwhelmed that we give into the temptation to wave the white flag and not even do those things that are within our control.  Resist that temptation, and DO YOUR PART!

3.     Ask for help / Seek support. Chances are, there is someone who has had a similar challenge as the one you have right now. As discussed in one of our earlier blogs, it’s never just you!


For Blake and the other children that will read these books, we’re so grateful that we didn’t give up when things got hard. We pray that for you, as well,… that you don’t give up on that thing that you know you should continue to work and fight for.


Now please tell us, what is your “thing”? And what commitment will you make to fight for it?  Please share below.


8 year old LOVES Adventures of David & Joshua!