Prayers for Santa Fe

Like 2 billion other people, I spent the last week silently looking forward to the Royal Fairy Tale wedding that took place a few days ago. In fact, we were prepared to share some thoughts with you this week about the #RoyalWedding and how it relates to our “Non-Fairy Tale” lives. But then another tragedy struck, this time right in our backyard. Talk about Non-Fairy Tales...

As you are likely already aware, there was a school shooting this past Friday at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, TX. Reports are that a student at the high school murdered 8 students and two teachers. Tragedy.

While some see these circumstances as a time to engage in political debate, we can’t help but be parents, be humans. And just sit in the fact that 10 people, 8 of whom are children, went to school on Friday and never came back home. As our hearts break and we lift prayers of comfort for those families, we feel an extra urge to share more love. To be more of a light. With so much hurt and tragedy in our world, we’re reminded that we encounter people each day without having any clue what many of them are dealing with inside their homes, or inside of their hearts. We pray for the unspoken concerns of others and the unexpressed pains that so many carry around daily. We seek to be more compassionate and more sensitive to others. And we seek to be a symbol of hope to others who may feel hopeless.

Please join us in prayer for the families that have been affected by this horrible tragedy and other families that have been affected by similar atrocities.

And just in case no one has told you lately, please allow us to let you know that you are loved.

With Love, The Houstons