It's Not Just You

Terence and I made a new dish a few days ago and it called for shallots, which we’ve never cooked with before. In fact, I didn’t even know where to find them in the market, and had to ask for help. Once back home, we were both like, so what’s the proper way to cut this thing? Shrugs all the way around. So we did what you do in modern culture when you don’t know how to do something… YouTube! Lol. How random, right? But sure enough, there was a demonstration of how to cut shallots on YouTube. After we got what we needed, I felt the need to check the number of views on that video. Surely, we would have been a part of a nearly non-existent group of people that needed to research such a ridiculous thing. After all, a shallot is basically an onion. How ridiculous is it that we had difficulty with that? To my surprise, that video had almost 40,000 views. It wasn’t just us.

That reminded me of what we share with married couples that we encourage… So often, we struggle with things by ourselves, without seeking the help that we need. Thinking we’re the only ones that have this difficulty. But please take comfort in knowing that it’s never just you. Never.

People/Marriages/Families have all kinds of experiences. But how common is it to hide instead of seeking support? Commonly, the natural course of action is to retreat when we encounter difficulties that may seem embarrassing. Afraid of judgement. Or ridicule. Or sometimes, we don’t even stop to think about what we’re afraid of; we’re just afraid to share. But what if you knew that what you’re experiencing is more common that you are currently imagining? Would you be apt to take a different approach? If you knew that someone faced your exact hardship and made it to the other side… no, if you knew MANY people have faced your hardship and made it to the other side, would you be more likely to reach out and seek support?

Well, like Ecclesiastes 1:9 partially says, There’s nothing new under the sun. Someone else has been through what you’re experiencing. And can help you get the tools to get to the other side of it. Put aside pride. And fear. And shame. There’s too much at stake.

Now, can someone tell me what to do with this eggplant? 😊