You may have missed this news…

We recently made a big leap. We’ve started a business… a full-fledged corporate endeavor. Last year, we opened an infusion pharmacy. In case you’re wondering if this is a big undertaking… YES! It absolutely is! To be honest, it’s pretty scary. In fact, it’s so scary that it’s taken us many years to do it. We’ve talked ourselves out of it so many times, that even WE didn’t think it would ever happen. It seemed like such a far-fetched thing. Something so far out of our reach that we’d fail miserably if we ever got up the nerve to try. After all, this seemed like the type of thing that “other people” did. Not us. Nevermind the fact that we have no idea what differentiates “other people” from us, other than the fact that they “did” stuff, and well, we didn’t.

But over time, a certain refrain began to echo in our minds individually. Over time, it crept into our conversations. And the refrain became so loud until we could no longer ignore it. That refrain was simply, “What if?” But it wasn’t the “What if?” that we were used to asking ourselves. See, we were used to asking ourselves “What if it didn’t work?” And then we would stop there. But this new refrain of “What if?” led us down different paths of thinking. “What if it DID work?” “What if we tried and failed? Would it be THAT bad?” “What if we never tried at all?”

Eventually, we came to the conclusion that the worse “What if?” was the scenario of never trying at all. We thought about 80 year-old Terence & Eardie and how they would feel with the different scenarios…

What if it DID work? We will be so overjoyed that we pushed past our fears and created something that blessed countless numbers of people while creating a legacy for our family.

What if we tried and failed? It would be a cool story to tell our grandkids and to reminisce on from our rocking chairs… “You remember that time we tried to open that pharmacy?!”

But what if we didn’t try at all? Regret. That’s one outcome that we decided we didn’t want to live with.

We saw an interview once with Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, where he described his Regret Minimization Framework. ( In this clip, he sums up how we pushed ourselves into moving past our fears and moving toward what we believe God placed in our hearts to do. Years from now, we don’t want to wonder what we could have done... what impact we could have made. We don’t want any regrets about not using the tools and gifts that God placed in our hands and the passions and pursuits that He placed in our hearts.

So we went for it. A huge leap. Scared, but we did it anyway. No regrets.

We’re sharing this with you just in case there’s a dream in your heart that you’ve been reluctant to pursue. Maybe it’s going back to school. Or asking for that raise. Or maybe it’s finally having that conversation that could take your relationship to another level. Sometimes, we can allow fear or procrastination or whatevertake us out of the game before we even get started. We want to make sure you know that you’re not the only one with this challenge. Those other people that you look at that seem to be able to “just do it”?... some of them have the same fears and barriers that you have. But peak behind the curtain with us for just a moment and see that the difference is their willingness to push beyond the fear. Or the procrastination. They’re willing to knock down whatever barrier may be in the way of them seeing what could be.


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